How to purchase these books

Most of these books can be purchased directly through Amazon. Just click on the image of the book and you will be directed to the Amazon page for purchase. This page is simply a list of good books appropriate for language classrooms; all purchases are made on Amazon.

Some authors prefer that districts purchase their books directly from their professional websites. In many cases you can obtain a discount or the best price available from the author’s website. Some authors will accept purchase orders from school districts, while Amazon does not. If your school district offers the flexibility of purchasing from an author’s websites then you might compare prices for the following books. Known discounts are indicated in italics:

Books by Mira Canion

Books by Craig Klein Dexemple

Books by Mike Peto 

All class sets of 25 or more books: $5 per book/ free shipping when ordered directly through author. Contact Mike through his website or email: mike AT gmail DOT com

Books by Karen Rowan

Books by Terry Waltz