Student review of Brandon Brown quiere un perro

If you like adventure you should read “Brandon Brown quiere un perro.” It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s about a boy named Brandon Brown and like the name says, Brandon wants a dog, but when he asks his mom she says no. It’s because taking care of a dog is a “big responsibility.”

Brandon goes to a park with his friend Jake and and Jake has a dog. Later Brandon finds a dog and it’s lost so Brandon takes him in and his mom doesn’t know about it and he wants it to stay that way. Brandon finds out that it’s really hard to take care of a dog and has some troubles to go along with it.

This book was great to read again and I give it a 9.5 out of 10 and I recommend it to anyone who wants adventure.

student review of Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro

One day Brandon goes to the park with his friend Jake. At the park they find a dog, yay, Brandon always wanted a dog. Brandon brings it home and quickly finds out that dogs have many problems! What will he do now?

Un día Brandon va al parque con el amigo Jake. A la parque Brand y Jake encontro un perro. Sí! Brandon quiere un perro. Brandon y el perro va a la casa de Brandon. Pero Brandon ve que perros tienen muchos problemas.

Carol Gaab contesta:
Me alegro de que hayas leído el libro Brandon Brown queire un perro. Cuando era joven, yo quería un perro también, pero mi mamá me dijo «no» porque ya teníamos cinco perros. ¿Tienes tú un perro? ¿Te gustan los perros? A mí me gustan mucho los perros pero ya no tenemos ni uno. Siempre (durante los últimos 30 años) habíamos tenido un perro, pero ya no podemos tener/cuidar uno porque viajamos mucho y no queremos abandonarlo. Cuando salgamos no tenemos nadie a cuidarlo. Espero que continues leyendo.
Tu amiga,

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