Two short stories by Bill VanPatten

The short story for intermediate learners of Spanish that is sweeping the nation. “Ángel” is the story of 19-year old Diego Torres who harbors a secret until circumstances force him to reveal what he’s hiding. Poignant, timely, and defying stereotypes and genres,Ángelis the story that every student in Spanish should read.

Elena is a seventeen-year old girl who claims to hear the Virgin’s voice. Concerned, her parents and priest think it’s wise to put her under psychiatric care. But does Elena really belong in a clinic? As in VanPatten’s first story, “Ángel”, this story defies stereotypes and takes us into the mind of an intelligent teenager.Elenais a story that hits all the right notes for students of Spanish, consisting of nine segments plus a short prologue and a short epilogue. It is just the right length for students of intermediate Spanish.

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